3 Friends, 3 Fad Diets, One Pissy Week [#BreakTheRules]


Are you looking to tone that tummy before spring break? Watch us help you not figure it out. We do dumb stuff so you don’t have to.


If you’re my mom reading this… a vlog is a video blog. You’re welcome Kathy!

WARNING: This week’s blog explores some real-life stuff. If you hate real-life stuff… LEAVE NOW. LEAAAAVE.


I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally by limiting my food intake because that would be REALLY hard for me. I like to think I have 6 stomachs… like a cow or a EARTHWORM.

This week’s concept went through a few iterations before frequent collaborator YOU MADE IT, Jeff Stagnaro, and I arrived on testing out “spring break diets.”


  • Living on a dollar a day too unrealistic
  • Simulating a eating disorder too dangerous
  • Eating a meal at sunrise and sunset too Ramadan <<< JUST KIDDING RAAAAAHHHH.

The final decision… pick 3 diets, take the easiest one, and stick the two ninnies with the really tough ones! Just kidding. They were huge troopers and complained WAAY less than I did. Watch our week-long documentary unfold like poorly-made paper frog below.

Here are this week’s contestants:

Allison Hoornbeek


^^ Charter Day Ball Freshmen Year. Well that happened.

Year: Senior
Major: Pre Med & Spanish Run Spaniards, RUN.
Diet: Vegan
Claim to fame: Loves to argue, has a surprising vocabulary, being a fellow Hudonsite.
Top Friend on MySpace? : Meh.

Jeff Stagnaro


^^ Handsomely guarding your hearts houses and STEALING YO GURL.

Year: Senior
Major: Finding the “x” Economics
Diet: Paleo
Claim to fame: Coleader of the street gang that has dance off’s behind the Princess Movie Theater
Top Friend on MySpace? : Not until I beat him in Mario Tennis. JK you’re the tops.

Christian Jaekle


^^ Book the peanut gallery for your birthday party

Year: Senior
Major: Entrepreneurship & Interactive Media
Diet: Special K Diet. Just found out it’s no longer considered safe by the FDA, that’s cool I guess.
Claim to fame: Winning a ladies extra small t-shirt at the basketball game yesterday by winning the cup scramble. Get at me ladies.
Top Friend on MySpace? : I CREATED MYSPACE

Take a journey with us:

2 days later:

2 more days & wrap up:

The experience was really trying but I learned a ton about myself. I learned I have the best friends ever who are willing to flip their lives upside down to be a part of my project, which is totally rad. I learned what happens when things in my life get thrown out of balance. I also learned a ton about my self-will and discipline; the things you can get yourself to believe and do can be scary. Remember to be the best version of yourself, those extra pounds aren’t worth it. We love you just the way you are!

Last Week’s Totally Tuesday Show with Jeff & Bryson:

^^ We talk all things silly and all things Dating in the Dark. 

This Week’s Jaekle Jam:

^^ Made me a Bielieber



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