Step behind the curtain – and into my PROFESSIONAL NETWORK.

To me, The Mingle is more than screaming into a black hole – it’s about my professional dreams and ideas! Feast your eyes on my word-children below.

Unstopables: The Imaginary World of Freshness 360º script

Check out the everlasting nose-fantasy that is P&G’s first-ever 360º video. Watch Tituss Burgess (from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) describe the scent of Unstopables in-wash scent booster.

Head & Shoulders: Royal Oils

Rule your scalp with the latest beauty innovation from P&G: The Royal Oils Collection was developed specifically for black hair by a team of black scientists and designed to provide expert scalp care between wash days. Click below to meet the royal lineup.

Zone Perfect: TV Spot Concept + Script

Everyone wants a taste of ZonePerfect, and we mean EVERYONE. This spot splashed onto ABC in 2016. Your boy was involved in every part of the process – including casting that terrifying sea witch.

Wicked Kitchen: Rebrand + Website

Food with so much attitude – it talks back. Click the tasty banner below to start the conversation.

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Flying Pig Marathon: Human Race Campaign

Be a name — not a number. For the 20th anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon, we built an app to put each runner’s story into the hands of 40,000 fans.

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Barefoot Proximity: Social Media

How a strategy of culture, creativity, and commerce brought Barefoot Proximity’s social media from snooze to woos. Follow us: Facebook | instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

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Exxon Mobil x 7-Eleven: Awareness Billboards

How do you celebrate Exxon’s arrival to the Windy City? You make an introduction. This campaign introduces the best benefits of Exxon fuels to the best elements of 7-Eleven’s famous frozen delight.

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Gillette On Demand: Texting and eCRM Program

Enter the shaveborghini of shave clubs: Gillette On Demand. Sign up for a subscription or order fresh blades with just a text. Check out my words plastered all over the 50 emails and 15 text messages we created for a smooth consumer experience.

P&G: eCRM Programs

Insight-driven email programs that got P&G products into your heart – and off the shelf.



P&G Everyday + My Black is Beautiful

P&G Everyday is a brand-building platform created by P&G to boost the profile of all of its brands on one platform. Check out some of the tips, coupons, and content created by yours truly.


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Gillette: Tips that shave the world – one hipster at a time.

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Downy: Articles that keep things warm & fuzzy.

Taming Pet-Related Odors and Stains


How to Use Unstopables Wax Melts


Folgers: Keeping Social Caffeinated

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POSSIBLE’s Winning Agency Fight Night team

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