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People are my passion. I want to be your teammate and your best friend.

I am wildly curious, outrageously positive, and break rules for good. I thirst for a career in digital marketing, social media, working with startups, ideating, working with clients, and collaborating with people who love what they are doing. I am ambitious, overflowing with ideas and able to do what it takes to turn them into reality. I think like an entrepreneur, I am coachable and easy to manage, I have a huge sense of humor and fun to work with. I am a confident networker and have a high level of empathy and connect with all kinds of people.

I am Cleveland native turned Cincinnati creative with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Interactive Media Studies from Miami University. I am an intrinsically-motivated and contagiously positive young professional seeking to disrupt the business world in a city I love. I have startup and agency experience and seek to help large corporations innovate like startups.


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