It’s Time to #BreakTheRULES

Last spring while I was ‘studying abroad’ in San Francisco, my dad bought me a super epic mug at a mug shop (anything goes nowadays, please reevaluate your business model) for the exclusive purpose of inspiring me every time I spring out of bed. The mug has one of my favorite sayings on it, it’s true, convicting, and probably embodies every amazing experience I have ever had in my life.

I wish I could say I use this mug every morning after I pound my Belvita Breakfast Biscuit (The KING of breakfast) or before I engage is my 20 minute “shower-rave.”

…But I totally forgot it existed until a few days ago and the only thing it’s ever collected  is dead skin particulates and broken promises dust. Sorry dad.

It says THIS:


^^Me drinking dead skin particulates and broken promises. Just kidding it’s still empty. This is a clever staging of a sip.

#BreakTheRules is a 10 week journey of outside-my-comfort-zone experiences. Experiences that make my insides want to turn inside out, things I have never wanted to do and probably will never do again. You’re probably thinking, WHY. I want an A in ESP490C. Well, inquisitive one, life is WAY too comfortable right now. I am a second semester senior, I have the best friends I have EVER had, I have more time than I know what to do with, and things are about to get REAL in about 4 months.

When life gets too comfortable it is time to shake things up. Go on that adventure, ask out that girl, get lunch with a new friend, eat something FREAAKAY, start a gang-fight behind the Princess, or try a new breakfast cereal (anti-climactic, but PRACTICAL). And if you fail,  it’s ok. In fact, it’s GREAT. The fact that our culture today is so fail-adverse breaks my heart. I want to take all my fellow failures to Seaworld… then give ’em a hug. The 10 week experiment is deliberately set up so that I can fail, and most likely often. I know I can come to God, my friends, my family, and my professors with ANYTHING. I told you I was too comfortable right? That does not mean I am not THANKFUL for this amazing safety net, but I will be using their love & support to my advantage this semester, I can pretty much guarantee it.

Speaking of being outside of your comfort zone…

We’ve teased you enough. Here is the video of Jeff, Jamie, and I krumping about sans-pants in the Pagan Temple Farmer School of Business, the swankiest building on campus:

The number of people who were COMPLETELY unphased while we were shooting this video at 2 in the afternoon on a busy J-term Tuesday was fantastic. No one even sneezed in our direction, I wanted a least one girl to pass out. There was one girl who works at the Dividends salad bar who looked like she was going to throw up. That is NOT the same thing. Maybe next time.

The video was a huge blast to make, thanks to Erica, Nora, the Stags (biggest troopers ever), that woman from Dividends who played it a little too cool, and that Tara Menke (whom I have promised not to mention, not sorry, you killed it.)

This is the kind of stuff I want to be doing this semester. Lighting houses on fire, smashing stuff, and getting locked in dungeons with 2 other pants-less men. Stuff that makes you raise an eyebrow and opens your mind to new perspectives with my best friends.

Expect a new, probably super-awkward, and maybe even eye-opening adventure to be posted in THIS SPACE every Monday.



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