Feed me your children.

I was going to title my last post, “THE END,” but a much more appropriate title is, “THE BEGINNING.” Being in SF has been such a game changer and quite possibly the “most baller” experience of my life. It even has had a significant impact on my #caliboi slang!

Before I recap the silliness of my week, check out these takeaways!

5. Talk to Everyone

– Don’t be that awkward guy. If you see someone at an event, talk to them, you never know what kind of epic opportunities or friends could arise from a simple conversation.

4. Hustle with a smile

– Positive energy can get you ANYWHERE in business. It gets people to like you, and if people like you they will do whatever they can to help you.

3. Pop your bubble

– Many of us get to caught up in what’s comfortable. Before I came out to SF the “party lifestyle” made me super uncomfortable. Wait until your 21 to drink, but alcohol isn’t a sin. It’s totally normal and fun to go out with friends, grab a drink, shake your moneymaker, and have a responsible time. It’s also a great ministry opportunity. Christians who can party responsibly are a HUGE asset to God’s mission. Don’t let people tell you otherwise.

2. Everything happens for a reason

– Stop freaking out and breathe. Know the big man upstairs has an epic plan for you. Here is sovereign over EVERYTHING that keeps you up at night. The sooner you let get of your anxieties about the future, the sooner you can start living in the present, with a HUGE smile.

1. Push yourself out of your comfort zone at every possible moment

– Make friends that don’t meet your “normal friend criteria.” I have made tons of friends out here that are SOOOO different from my Oxford friends. Their different lifestyles and views make me a better,  more understanding, and loving person. Also do COOL STUFF, MEET COOL PEOPLE. Do not sit on the sidelines when you could be having an experience that makes you a better version of yourself.

And many more of course. But here is my final week at a proverbial glance!

I BET you thought you made it through this week without swinging from one of my favorite VINES.

^Nothing is more true.

On Tuesday I got a haircut, the kind that’s all short everywhere but in the front, the kind that makes the girls want to pass out. Christian Pro Tip: If you get your haircut anywhere else but a Groupon-subsidized place you might as well be lighting your money on fire.  I got an $80 for $27 which is still WAY too expensive. While getting snipped the hair dresser requested that I get my hair “chemically straightened.” Is she high as a kite? My hair’s like an inch long. NO, CRAZY.

That night Brielle and I went to Tie (The Indus Entrepreneurs) PitchFest event. Not to be confused with PitchForce which is FAR superior ;-). We got there early and I saw just about everyone I have ever met in my entire life. What a way to end the semester. There were past PitchForce CEO’s, friends from other networking events, VCTaskForce burnouts (HAHAHA) and more! Mo, from PitMe (a Middle Eastern Accelerator), tackled me while we were waiting to get in and it was SO good to see him again. He is one of the fastest friends I’ve ever made in my life. At the event, I recruited a Kartik, CEO Talktop for PitchForce in June, he’s hilarious, an actor, and is launching a KickStarter in June. Keep a look out!


^^ Brielle and Mo. Using this picture because BRIELLE LOVES IT. #SquintCity

On Thursday we went to Keiretsu Forum’s pitch training event. This is where the big boys presenting at their festival the day after I leave for Ohio lame get trained to KILL it. I have made SO many great friends and connections through Keiretsu. It has been such a blessing getting to get to know Olivia, who has been my sister out here since day one. She’s going to do awesome things out here. It was also great getting to know Jenny Pater the girl with perfect skin. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met and absolutely KILLS her job. I also met a guy named Erik who is visiting from the University of Miami. Awkard. He’s a baller and a former linebacker for their football team. He also told me about the “rivalry” between Miami University and University of Miami, that was news to me…

Friday is where the real fun began!

The girls on our trip fell in love with Mike Duchan, our host at Retargeter. To be fair his smile was kind of dreamy.


^^ Check out that smolder on the left.

We  got lunch at the Ferry Building. If you’ve never heard of Blue Bottle Coffee you need to SHUT UP and book a flight to SF. The place looks like a science experiment gone right wow I hate science. Aka a bunch of beakers siphoning coffee. It’s THE BEE’S KNEES. We also grabbed grub at Crepes n’ Curry. Those are my two favorites things in one place, someone is a maniacal genius.

We had a second speaker that put us to sleep… Even Glenn, our program director. He’s going to hate me for writing this. But PWAHAHA.


Yerdle is changing the world, if you have an iPhone download it now, if you have an Android, like myself, start drinking your own tears because we can’t participate… yet. Yerdle is a platform that allows you to give stuff away and receive free things. You get 250 credits for signing up, you can only get more credits by giving stuff away. You can bid on other people’s items using those credits, and then it get’s shipped to you, FOR FREE. I SEE YOU. Andy blew us away with an amazing story where a woman was going through chemotherapy and set up date nights with her husband every week until she was cured. She found a pair of sparkly sandals and was able to get them for free from a kind soul who put them up on Yerdle. Andy said the sandals made the outfit. Then we all cried. He has the biggest heart ever. Use Yerdle.

Friday night we went to the Giants v. Tribe game. Cleveland lost typical, but I didn’t care who won,  I was just happy to be there!  We got to see some of my alumni favorites including Jenny’s sister Amy and Kyle Boston from Twitter. Always good to see those cool cats!


^^ Myself and a girl with a broken smile I found on the side of the street!

After the game we went to the coolest bar ever called The View. Think 40 stories up with a killer view of SF. It was unforgettable.


Saturday was also super eventful.

Hannah and Jenny randomly decided to drag me to Sausalito 3 hours before we were suppose to get there… which involved literally sprinting to the bus stop, sprinting to the ferry building…  which is Jenny’s favorite thing… then missing the ferry and being forced to wait an hour and a half for the next one. GAAAAAHHHHHH. I have been looking forward to last Saturday for FOREVER because Chris, one of our alumni took us out on his sail boat. SO COOL. We got lunch at his yacht club, where we had THE BEST food… on Miami’s dime, THANKS! He had tons of great advice and truly cared about us… and his J term class.


^^ Look at all those Seamen! (HAHAHAHA. I’m like 4)

He took us out on the boat and 110% of us got seasick on the super choppy waves. I spent almost the entire time trying not to vomit on Hannah’s hair. She’s an easy target. BUT that didn’t take away from how awesome that experience was.


^^ Me thinking about throwing up on Thomas.

WE ALL GOT MATCHING SWEATSHIRTS AT OUR SEND OFF. Mad shout outs to #LexiNation for this awesome gift!


^^ Dysfunctional and we know it.

Sunday was our last church service. I love Golden City Church so much and it’s going to be super hard to leave. We got countless hugs from an older gentlemen who called Hannah & I a “blessing.” You know when someone says something really nice to you and you feel like you haven’t really done anything? That’s what I felt like. Sometimes a smile and a positive attitude is all you need to make someone’s day. Best of luck to Pastor Josh & Shea, love you guys a ton.

Like I said, this isn’t the end, it’s a new beginning! I am more motivated than ever to make a HUGE impact wherever I go. SF has just been the beginning of a new version of myself that aims to love and spread positivity to all the corners and crannies of the world.

See my Oxford buddies in less than 48 hours (!!!!!!!!!)




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