Hanging Ten on Week 10 [SF Blog]

Have you guys seen Lorde’s new music video?

(Click the top left corner of the Vine for Sound)

If you’ve ever seen Lorde perform live you probably had to peel yourself off the floor from a full-fledged GIGGLE ATTACK.

…If you haven’t you probably scooped out your eyeballs with an ice pick. In that case you can request a braille version of my blog in the comments section below!

Week 10 was definitely the most adventurous and most successful weeks of my San Franciscan FIASCO.

I spent Monday & Tuesday staring at a wall waiting for Wednesday.

Then Wednesday came!

Wednesday was the big day, PitchForce without ANY supervision or guidance. HAWT FRICK. I recruited my “harem of ladies” to help with the pitch event, which is what Max calls Christian’s lady friends. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.)


^^ The harem post PitchForce. CHECK out those high kicks!

After transforming into bridezilla from 9-3:59PM trying to get everything ready for our 9 superstar companies to pitch, my sister wives and I were ready for Miami to take over SF’s hottest pitch event. Or at least that’s what I’ve been calling it on Twitter. Everything went smashingly. But seriously, I broke a ton of stuff!

Casualties included but are not limited to:

The community ping pong table

The 3 people I almost crushed when the ping pong table fell over

My bank account after breaking the ping pong table (Still bitter)

An  unsuspecting plate

And the dreams of the 3 companies that didn’t move on…

Other than that everything went GREAT.

The 1st-3rd place winners were Gummicube, Amity, Badger Maps, and KptnCook



I am so going to miss the startup scene and helping dreams come true when I return to Oxford in… 2 WEEKS. BUT I am SO excited to see everyone and I will be visiting Oxford from May 1st – May 4th, then return for graduation and staying ALL SUMMER. I will be sleeping on the ratchet Bear Cave couch, make sure to say, “HEY!”

Cool things on the horizon:

Erica & I are making a website/YouTube channel this summer! Be sure to stay glued to that project as it unfolds.

I wanted to make Dirty Jobs: Oxford, Erica thinks that’s dumb. Send her your hate mail.

Here’s how not cool it could be with our 5 friends:


^^ Yes I used Jamie’s face twice because 5% of the population can tell the difference between him and Jeff. Great driving, Monica!

On Friday we went on a Miami sponsored wine tasting tour of Napa Valley! Life is hard


^^ Book us for your birthday party.

We started off getting a PARTY BUS for our tour. Sure it was an ex-retirement home bus, but it’s the thought that counts! We traveled to Nicholson Vineyards in Sonoma and Burgess (Miami Alumni) Vineyards in Napa. Burgess was awesome because it was great to hear how Tom went from Miami to owning a super-awesome boutique winery.


^^ That clock says, “No wine before 9.” CLASSSSSSSIC.

At Nicholson, Mah boi Scott, AKA the biggest bro EVER, let us sample their variety, constantly snuck us freebies, and gave us a tour of the underground caves they use to store their wine.


^^ Pete, myself, and some chick we found on the street  in the caves!

The trip was definitely one of the best field trips we have taken as a class, thanks Sassy Cassie for taking us!

Guess What.


The Griffiths flew in from Miami to hang with me and Kayla.

Since the delectable (Ew?) duo was only in SF for one full day, we PACKED in as much as we could into 24 hours, and succeeded!

Trying to sleep the first night…

2 AM after the girls came home from Bootie ( SF’s hawtest club with the most hilarious name)

…Clunking up the stairs like elephants in stilettos after breaking and entering our apartment while everyone is sleeping…

Jenny: “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Christian, Eddie, Eddie”

…No response

Eddie: “What?”

*Walks down the hallway*

Brielle: “Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete”

…They find Joel on the couch

Jenny: “Sorry Joel, sorry Joel, sorry Joel”

Joel: “It’s fine!”

Brielle: “Sorry Joel, sorry Joel, sorry Joel, sorry Joel, sorry Joel”

Jenny: PETE.

…No response

…They leave


They’re ridiculous, but I love them.

It was Joel & I’s personal life mission to go on an epic surfing adventure while he was here, and boy was that a nightmare but totally worth it.

We bought 3 half off surfing lessons groupons, turns out we could only use them WEEKS LATER. SCREW THAT. WE NEED THEM NOW. After calling, tweeting, emailing, Facebooking, faxing, sending carriers pigeons, and dog whispering to the CEO of University of Surfing… He let us know about 10 minutes before we were supposed to be there that we were surf ready. Praise JC!

We did the, like, most California thing ever and blasted music going down Highway 1 with the windows down screaming at people telling them how California we were. Massive shout outs to Kayla, future Cru intern at San Francisco State, for being the coolest person ever and hanging out all weekend. YOU are so California!

Surfing was DA BOMB. I was super sore afterwards but the sorest part of my body were my cheeks from smiling. Joel was an expert and got up his first time, I was a pro and got up eventually, Erica was ok.


Our instructor Laura even took Joel & I, but not Erica, to where the big boys surf after our lesson! We sucked but it was super fun.

After chilling on the beach and eating Taco Bell, which is the best business plan ever… we headed back home to ride bikes around Golden Gate Park.



^^ It was a dribbler.

He’s lucky I  didn’t make an example out of him and  hang him in the public square in front of his friends.

The bike rental guy was super helpful and gave me a paper towel to clean myself off. People don’t come more vanilla than our bike renter.

1. Hates jokes

2. Tone of his voice was like a tranquilizer to the face

3. Knew Miami for our BASKETBALL TEAM?!?!?!?! Said no one ever.


Regardless biking was super great and our surf-beaten bodies scaled mountains, pedaled past buffalo, and even saw the Golden Gate! We also cut it way too close and had to have an “everyone stop having fun, shut up and pedal” session to make sure we were back in time. Our luscious legs took a serious beating!


^^ Never miss an opportunity to, STOP. Grab da wall…. sumthin sumthin sumthin… GAS PEDAL GAS PEDAL.

We picked up some grub for our church’s potluck. I got pineapple and Joel got the opportunity to purchase the CHEAPEST water he had even seen! (hahaha)

Church was fantastic, there was a HUGE turnout and the music was done by a couple who need to be on iTunes immediately. Remember that God is sovereign over everything that keeps you up at night, I found this super helpful : ). We also met a CAROLINE DRAAYER LOOK ALIKE. I asked to take a picture of her and she was super creeped out. They look like twins but with different hair colors, and have VERY similar personalities and demeanor. FREEEEEAAAKY.

We concluded the #BestDayEver with helping Kayla rob put real estate signs near a house, and getting kicked out of a bar because we look like we’re 12 and didn’t have IDs. What an ending!

Joel & Erica’s visit was a kick in the pants to keep on pushing my limits out here, they are so encouraging and so much fun. My love language is laughter, and the laughs were so real. Their visit is probably up there with my favorite days of the semester, thanks for visiting guys!




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