This little [Week] 9 of mine, I’m gunna let it SHINE. [SF Blog]

Let’s start this week off with a question: WHO wants lasagna? (Click the top left corner of the Vine for sound)

Correct answer: EVERYONE

I spent at least 1 out of every 4 minutes last week giggling over that video. WHY did this happen.

Week 9 was a WILD roller coaster ride.

Max is officially in Italy for 2 weeks and I’m still crying trying to figuring out how to hold down the ship all by myself. The coolest part is being taken seriously as a young professional as I whip 10 CEO’s into PitchForce shape. It’s probably super weird having a 21-year old cracking the whip on your company. But THAT’S WHAT I’M HERE FOR.

The most interesting company we recruited for this month is DayLighted, a digital canvas company that transform public spaces into art galleries. It prints money for both the company and the artists. It’s super cool. It’s also run by an Italian couple, I love hearing them speak. They also smell nice. HEY. I’ll take that!

I also dig Gummicube, it’s search optimization for the app store (finally…) it gets everyone noticed who deserves to be noticed and has a delicious sounding name! I’m going to treat myself to 3, delcious gummicubes right now!

Training  was last week without Max and it went GREAT. I can’t wait til this Wednesday where I really get to prove my startup swag by lighting my hair on fire and making sure everything goes smoothly for 3 hours.

On Wednesday I had a 2 hour (!!!!!) Skype interview with Get Noticed Get Found, a digital marketing agency for law firms in Cincinnati. I met literally the ENTIRE team and had tons of great conversation and laughed my way through most of the interview. I was offered the job and accepted on Friday! They are incredible and I am SO excited to work with them this summer.

Watch this embarassing AWESOME  music video I used to get into Get Noticed Get Found including 30 seconds of HAW HAWT HAWT dancing with Jenny & Brielle!

I will be in Oxford this summer, IF YOU ARE TOO LET ME KNOW.

Right now it’s going to be Me, Erica Griffith, and the #StagNation ( Jeff & Jamie), which is going to be the best time ever. I’ve already started planning the shenanigans. I would be scared too.

Here’s what I have thought of so far:


Freestyle mud skipping.


Destroying nature Jumping on stumps!


Taking off each other’s boots!


…And whatever is going on in this picture.

Please comment with your own suggestions.

On Thursday Spider Jexi (Lexi) took us to see “100 days”, an EPIC show at Z Space, which is perhaps the craziest theater I have ever seen. It used to be an old tannery, I also felt like a train could BUST through it at any second. Amber, who graduated from Miami and is the stage manager on the show, gave us a full, behind-the-scenes tour. Her job is WICKED.


The story was totally of the walls… here goes nothing.

A couple  meets and gets married within 3 weeks, the husband gets a disease and has 100 days to live. The couple locks EVERYONE out of their life and they simulate 50 years of marriage over 100 days.

It was gripping. I laughed and almost cried and beautiful music filled my ears. Which leads me to JO. Jenny & I fell in love with Jo. HER VOICE WAS INSANE. She even TOUCHED us after the show. We still haven’t bathed. Talk about goosebumps, she is amazing. We now follow her on Twitter @ Jo_equality_Lampert. Jenny and I changed our names to Christian_equality_Jaekle and Jenny_equality_Lewin as tribute. But seriously we took pictures of her things backstage. #CreepNation

On Friday we got to visit Google and Apple! It was totally rad to see all of Google’s CRAZY stuff they have for pretty much NO reason. They have… a golf course inside, an interactive space room, a ball pit, slides, 30 Chromebooks strapped together with duct tape to make a digital guitar, amazing food everywhere you turn, and MIKE, our awesome tour guide.

I also got to be a huge nerd for 5 minutes, Google Glass is sweet. Talk about 0 to sexy in 3.5!


Our Apple visit went like this.


lololololol. But seriously. I don’t think I could say anything or Steve Jobs’s ghost will light my Dell on fire.

I got arrested on Friday night.


I’ll never forget the day we went to jail <3. #SendUsToTheSlammer


Alcatraz, America’s most hardcore prison on an island in the middle of the Bay, was WAY cooler than I thought and the night tour was positively spook-tastic!


They opened the hospital, which is normally not open during the day, and we got to peek inside the morgue! The whole experience was complete with demon seagulls and a COMPLETE tour of the “mechanical system.”

Seriously the tour guide said the words “mechanical system” like 400 times in 5 minutes. I was pretty much on the floor laughing while she was talking about the most hardcore criminals to ever exist. It was embarrassing.

On Saturday I was so pumped to see a child molester robot in the park!

Macy: Want to go to a MEGA- ROBO-RAVE in the park?!






I also saw Captain America 2. Nothing special. Send hate mail to

On Sunday I went to see crazy nature land with Hannah, laid out for 20 minutes in our backyard, got fried by the sun, ate sketchy meat, Amy scared the poop out of me, and Spider Jexi bought us ice cream, talk about ending on a high note!

Real talk: I purchased heavily discounted ground beef at a grocery store no one has heard of. It was already ‘browned’ on the inside before I cooked it. It looked like cat vomit after I cooked it. Regardless, I ate the entire pound by myself. I felt JANK-NASTY afterwards.

Pray for my colon ❤




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