No Haight’n on Week 8 [SF Blog]

HOW did you survive last week without a blog entry?


It probably wasn’t too hard.

Week 8 was extra special because I received visitors from HOME. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. BECAUSE A TON OF COOL STUFF HAPPENED.

Sean, Thomas, Hannah and I swarmed (sorry) Kyle Boston (Miami Alum I randomly met at an alumni event) at Twitter for lunch. Moral of the story: talk to EVERYONE, you never know where friends and GREAT connections will pop out of thin air.

On a whining note, I work in the same building as Twitter and for some reason as soon as you hit the 9th floor, aka Twitterville, the place turns into a fracking 5 star hotel. Kyle invited me over to the penthouse of our building for lunch…so I took him up on it…and brought 3 of my closest friends.  He was such as boss, he set up camp for us on the rooftop as we ate swordfish sandwiches, raspberry-rhubarb lemonade, and chatted about Miami and his personal life Twitter.


Kyle, if you’re reading this, hire me.

THIS was all a pregame for our Friday visit where EVERYONE got to see the Twoffice! We had a 2 hour meeting with Adam Bain, the coolest CTO ever, and Kyle. Adam touched my shoulder affectionately after I made him laugh about Twitter’s 24/7 bacon supply. I haven’t showered yet.

Here’s a picture of us grinding in the elevator on way home. We love each other too much to take 2 trips. Look at all the fun Marie is having!


Shout outs to Jenny Lewin’s best frandz who visited last week and are now MY best frandz. Yes I stole this picture of them, not me, off of Jenny’s Facebook. that’s commitment. And sad. 1972499_10152373884739974_731116193_n

Jimmy and I are going into business together. Hold onto your pants. Mostly because one of ideas involves pants.

We threw the MOST hardcore rave in 1056 Fell Street history. I don’t think any of us have gotten gotten quite that low before. It was great to dance like an idiot… Espically since I miss the CRAP out of our Cru raves in Oxford.

OH. Jill “Git ‘er DONE” Runser (As SHE put her name into my phone) came to visit for an afternoon. She, her parents, and man-of-few-words-but-totally-rad brother came to church with my family in the morning then hung out with us as we WALKED the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Did you know the bridge is 1.7 miles one direction (THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL)? We didn’t. Our legs were about to fall off, but we giggled the whole way, and got this epic pic before almost dying trying to cross the street. IMAG0383Jill, it was SO GREAT to see you. Make sure to keep holding down the fort at home!

Also if you’re reading this and have not visited me yet….

Stop sitting on the fence it hurts.

Last week was spring break! We stayed in Imperial Beach near San Diego. It was SUPER SHADY. I thought it was hilarious, but the parents not so much. But we did have a nice week of doing pretty much nothing in a place where you REALLY don’t want to go outside, if you’re trackin’ me.


Rick, the Kath-master, & I on top of Twin Peaks in SF. Home of the best view I have EVER seen.


I also took them to Runway, where DREAMS COME TRUE.

On Saturday night I was peer pressured into going to San Francisco’s hottest club, BOOTIE (hahahahaha).


Boy, was I not disappointed. There were 4 rooms of [VERY responsible] RAYYYGE. Including two huge balloon palm trees, a discotheque, a main stage we climbed on to, a private rave, and a room that looked exactly like Decibal from the good old Oxbox. Needless to say, Brielle, now known as DJ Breezy, and I COMMANDED the dance floor. If you ever have to opportunity to shake it with yo soul brutha and sista of shake. I recommend doing it.

There was also a drag show, we couldn’t look away, but really should have.

Work? It’s great! We have a crazy-busy couple of weeks coming up where I will have to put on our PitchForce event BY MYSELF. Max is going to Italy for  2 weeks and leaving me STRANDED. Mark my words that April’s PitchForce will be the best one yet! I am excited to prove myself as a start up SENSEI.

These are the Startups we snagged:

KptnCook, Amity, Visidom, BowerBird, Day Lighted, ReviverMX, Badger Maps, Alterante, Cargo Chief, and Gummicube. Get ready for blood, these are serious competitors and I am super proud of this month’s offering!


While drinking water… “Christian, can send a snap for me? Make the caption, ‘just chillin’ sipping on my pimp juice'”- Brielle



What I am currently raving by myself to:

Neon Jungle: Welcome to the Jungle & Lady Gaga: G.U.Y.





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