The Stairway to [WEEK] 7. [SF Blog]

10 points for being hideous.

1904167_10152323871101639_451296587_n (1)

See ya next week!

…Just Kidding. That’s DISHONEST!

I am totally feeling the blessings this week. How awesome this whole adventure has been has officially hit me and I feel all warm inside. ALL THE TIME.

That’s not indigestion, that’s the HOLY SPUURIT.

Let’s talk for a brief second about starting off the week with a proverbial BANG. Brian & I got to go to the Facebook headquarters, it was quite possibly the best visit ever. We started off the day by getting stopped by the campus police.

Let’s back it up for a second.

Facebook is like Miami University, Disneyland, and freaking Fort Knox lit some candles and had a sweet, sweet child.

Anyway. I swear this dude saw us coming from the second I left my apartment this morning. After we were clumsily steered in the right direction we sat in the waiting room under constant, prision-like patrol. We showed up an hour early for our meeting with Geoff, herby referred to as ‘Mah Boi Geoff’, cause we’re tight like that. We spent that entire hour napping and drinking Diet Coke, sometimes at the same time, giving each other the Heimlich, then continuing.


^ Brian enjoys a snooze while being watched by the CIA

Geoff & Steve (former Ubisoft Boss-man) picked us up, treated us to free burritos, took us down the ‘street’ to get free froyo, gave us sweet ‘physical poke’ postcards, filled our brains with knowledge, and packed my backpack full of goodies so I didn’t ‘starve’ on the ride home. The 4 of us are currently seeking nominations for the ‘Bromance of the Year’ category at the 2014 MTV teen choice awards. #HireUs


^ If you look in the mirror and whisper “Mark Zuckerberg” 3 times, a Google+ account gets set of fire.

Wednesday was PitchForce, which is basically why I am here all semester! It’s the event where I help recruit 10 startups to pitch at our REALLY AWESOME shark-tank style competition. It’s loads of fun. Hannah, Brielle, and Jenny helped out with the event which is rad and always appreciated, thanks! Everything went flawless. We got 5 star reviews from some big names, comments saying it was the “best pitch event they have ever attended,” and countless, kind tweets. Not too shabby. #KillinIt.

Congratulations to Cloud Lending for winning and DealFlicks (Check these guys out) for taking second place. DealFlicks aims to fill unsold seats in movie theaters. Did you know 90% of theater seats go empty? check out for STEEP discounts on tickets, it’s like Priceline, but for things I actually care about.


^ About 30, 600 lb couches I moved for no reason. Thanks Obama

Saturday was quite possibly my favorite day of ‘study.’

Remember Thomas from Belgium I wrote about like 3 weeks ago? Me either.

Just kidding.

We stole him away from his study abroad group and attempted the Color Run in the scariest place on the planet. I know I say that every week about various places we go, BUT THIS ONE WAS TRUE.

We crawled SPRINTED our way through the 5K getting while being rained on by 5 blissful shades of fresh paint and bullets. It was such a blast being with new friends, soaking in the sunshine, raving my face off with a bunch of strangers, and getting hella burnt.


^ Can you find the gem in this photo? Hint: It’s tattooed into my face until my burn goes away.

They also needed 10 guys to be in a dance off. Guess who was on stage in front of thousands of people shaking his tail feather? ME. It was a hoot.


It was also the BEST busride back of my life. People trying to sell us seats, being yelling at NOT THEIR children, drag queens, and people in a drugged out haze. I’m pretty sure the 9 Bus is what hell is like. But I laughed pretty much the entire way back, to everyone’s dismay.

We capped off the day with a trip to the food truck park, which ironically has served up the BEST food since I have been in SF, and visited the killer bar, “The Tipsy Pig.” The Tipsy Pig is a bar where you want to wax intellectual, read a book, and make a 10 year plan. It’s like Night At The Museum for 21 year olds. I see that.

There we meet Thomas’s French friends Matilde and Martin. Total bosses. We also met *Removed (lolz)*’s Tinder (IT WORKS) date, Christian. Ya that’s confusing. He is hereby refered to as Chris-tind. Just kidding that’s all the space he gets in my blog. This is precious real-estate.

Sunday was met with another bomb church service, banana & cocoanut pancakes, and a BBQ we planned on a whim. We didn’t burn down the entire building! Our friendly, third floor neighbors that we invited but never showed up (not bitter) really seemed to appreciate that by their defeaning silence and lack of attendance.


^ This photo is not from the BBQ. But boy did I haveya goin’.

There is also a radio station that played “It’s Getting Hot In Here” by Nelly for over 24 hours straight. We listened to it at least 4 times because we support indy artists.

“I can’t believe this post is over. I can’t, I just can’t.”




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