Racking up the clicks on WEEK 6 [SF Blog]

This blog post in going to get a SERIOUS shake up. Since I am bored of writing these blogs I need to keep myself entertained, here goes nothing.

Daily Haiku’s


Long day in office

Scary girl feeds me sketch lunch

Stomach has ulcers


Disney Museum, trick.

P Hodge says big sexy news

Bromance Twitter dude



SalesForce in the morn

Cutesy over-priced tea pic

I got some free gum

Image 13


Met flirty snack girl

Why wont she leave me alone?

Must be super, duper HAWT (lolz)


YapStone is far away

Alumni mixer, get cray

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance


Picnics in the square

Climbing tall mountains at night

Silly gooses, chyeah.


Writing endless blog

My salty tears burn my eyes

Die alone. In hole.

I’m available to host your children’s birthday parties.

I also accept payment in Trident Layers.

Also since I’m a sixth grader at heart, FEAST YOUR EYES.

Church was bumpin’ as always. I show up feeling like a nutty brownie sunday, and leave as they pour hot fudge all over my body. The steamy chocolate is the LOVE OF JESUS.


Hiking to the top of twin peaks was INCREDIBLE. We could have died at any second, but god golly miss molly, check out that VIEW. It’s impossible to transmit the feeling of being up there over the internet, it’s truly spiritual. & on top of a freaking mountain.

Image 20

Ravishing visits to SalesForce and Yapstone revealed to me how badly I want to work at a startup and how much I want to move back here post graduation! It also revealed to me how great free food can make a field trip totally boss. #CollegeKid4Eva


I ate the scariest Korean food of my life. When there is a ‘happy dance’ as a customer enters the building… I get scared. But I would go back <3.                                4 BOOYA’s/5

Snack-refilling girl gets flirty at the office. Somehow a 15 minute job turns into a 4 hour affair.                                                                                                                   Efficiency factor for Christian 99.99% (Normally 100%).                                           Efficiency factor for Snack Girl: -10000000000%                                                               I HAVE WORK TO GET DONE HON. But thanks for your interest.

The alumni of the SFDI are AWESOME. They also like to come over, eat pizza, get tastefully turnt, and giggle with us. Shout out to Amy, Ben, Kevin, Geoff, Paul, and Carly. We are so blessed to have a bomb network of friends who have our backs.

I can’t believe the program is almost half over. I’ve already chained myself to my bed. I haven’t left in weeks!

new PitchForce event is coming up this week! Get excited for 10 more companies that I helped find kick some serious AYYYYY.

Nifty rides with Glenn and the roomies down Lombard street after hours. Talk about hardcore professor/student bondage bonding! (Hahahaha)

That’s probably enough. See ya next week!



^^ How I feel about leaving.

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