A Great Week 4 ADVENTURE. [SF Blog]


Week 4 was HIGH INTENSITY FUN… and (allegedly) ‘totally kick ass’ because I got to attend ‘Totally Kick Ass iOS Apps’ at a sketchy bar no one has heard of for work! To be fair, the event was really sick, but I did nearly walk onto the freeway 3 times trying to get there. If the sidewalk you are on turns into an exit ramp you might be in the wrong spot. That’s a Christian Jaekle Pro Tip! First one’s free!

The event had 6 up and coming applications that are set to conquer the world. My personal favorite one was MotionPortrait. This app could animate any face from a static photo to a medley of HI-larious things. Think Elf Yourself on steroids. Check it hur: http://www.motionportrait.com/en/.

SFNewTech also had a free taco truck, which is the quick way to my heart <3.


I met a guy named Paolo from Italy in line for garbage, I mean tacos. He has the coolest accent and a wicked startup idea. MonkeyParking is an app for urban parking that allows you to sell your parking spot on the street to someone looking for a parking spot. You may pay $3 for a free spot, but at least you won’t be driving in circles for 4 hours or be forced to park in a $20 lot. Keep an eye out for him. He was bomb.

Thursday was… #NutCity. There were 3 Events, which means a 15 hour day, but I got to sit in on some epic pitches. The day started at Kieretsu (the largest network of angel investors in the world) where we listened to a screening of pitches where people pay $7000 just to pitch their start up. HOLY EFF. Chances are it pays off though. I also got to see the guy I almost screwed over last week by blowing his Powerpoint. That was an awko taco. He killed it though. Good for him.

And me for not dying.

We then went to US Angel and heard some good and some really terrible pitches. I also was recruited to find my boss’s phone during the event. He left it on top of his car and I only set the car alarm off 3 times and dug though the trash trying to find it! I was impressed with myself.

The day ended at VCTaskForce. Scot (last month’s PitchForce winner) totally killed it again and took the whole thing. He’s a boss. His PrimeQue makes queries simple enough that even I can use them. Thanks Scot!

VCTaskForce was in Palo Alto, home of Stanford. The city is super nice and kind of like a Californian version of Miami. Aka: ZOMMGG THERE’S A UPTOWN. The place was beautiful and we found a place called University Cafe where I drank a Raspberry Lemonade smoothie, cause I lift. I told Max & Olivia how much Oxford and Palo Alto were alike. They laughed for like 20 minutes. #OhioH8rs. 



Ubisoft was my favorite visit so far! Creator of video games such as Just Dance & Assassin’s Creed, they were extremely well prepared with a medley of passionate speakers and of course…GAMES. They literally handed us a Just Dance 2014 (a $50 game) in return for asking questions. I see you.

I got pummeled by Brian dancing to Get Lucky. To be fair I am a much better dancer them him. Just Dance can’t seem to read my dance moves properly because of all my hip action. That’s the story I am sticking to.

Between the two events we went nutsy koo-koo with a photoshoot in the park that is currently annoying the crap out of everyone on Facebook!

1658173_10203496094305605_1409915778_o (1)

We also got to visit EngineYard. They have a sick rooftop patio area where we got to hang out for the afternoon. Mike, a Miami Alum who got Groupon off the ground, hung out with us and gave us helpful tips on how to be good at everything. It was great to pick his brain, and eat his snacks.


On Saturday we went to Muir woods & the BEACH.


Jenny Lewin was not a huge whiner the whole time!

I also recreated my birth with this photo:





Bonus for making it to the bottom:

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