I am positively We3k from all the fun! [SF Blog]

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For those of you not familiar with SFDI ( MIAMI UNIVERSITY’S SAN FRANCISCO DIGITAL INNOVATION CENTER *snort*) which is nearly all of you, we get to go on epic field trips every Friday. It is definitely the highlight of the week. Last week we went to EA, and yes, we shouted, “IT’S IN THE GAME,” at nearly every possible opportunity. They have a beautiful campus, awesome games to play everywhere, and EMPLOYEE CHILD CARE. They also had a store where every $60 game was 20 bucks, sorry I forgot to take orders before I left! Finally had my first In & Out Burger, It’s no Super Duper Burger, but it is safe to say burgers in Cali are worlds better than home, and they are everywhere. I’m trying my best to avoid gaining the “dirty 30”. It’s the freshman 15 for people who aren’t freshmen.


This week we went to see the elephant seals at Ano Nuevo National Park . We drove down the famous Highway 1 to get there, it is honestly one of the most beautiful drives you can take. I have to admit how cynical I was when I heard we were going to watch seals have sex on Valentines Day. But it was really rad. We went on a beautiful 4 mile hike through the park, watched seals kick the crap out of each other, and really bonded as a group. We also saw some attempted “Seal-mounting,” hot hot hot! Regard these X rated photos below.


Last Wednesday was my big day to shine & I kinda blew it. PitchForce happened. This is the event I put on once a month for my internship, it is also the first time I have put on an event quite like this one. The best part of the evening was that all 14 Miami students came out to support their home-boy, it was required, but whatever. I had the “privilege” of running the Powerpoints for the 10 start-ups pitching. All of the start ups were super kind, had mostly great ideas, and were a pleasure to work with. That being said many of them had sent me like 300 versions of the same Powerpoint as they make changes throughout the process. I accidentally played a out-of-date version of someone’s Powerpoint during their pitch and he DID NOT see it coming. It threw off his train of thought and ALMOST ruined his entire pitch. I felt like such an idiot and responsible if his pitch did not earn him the coveted, first place prize. He was also really mad at me. That always feels good. The beauty in it though was that this mild unexpected turn in events showed the judges just how passionate he was about his company. It might have even given him bonus points to continue speaking so eloquently throughout a presentation malfunction. Long story short… he ended up getting 2nd place (CRAP). BUT. The judges liked him so much he received the meeting with the VC just like the 1st place winner (PRAISE THE LORD.) He also exchanged kind words of forgiveness with me after the event. I honestly have no idea what I would have done if I single handedly ruined his start up momentum. GAH. It was scary. But God totally had his hands over it. I am eternally grateful. The event otherwise went smoothly and it was a great night overall.

Since I am now the thrifty, ripe age of 21 I get to go to cool places call “bars.” We went to this one really sketchy place where there was only a bouncer and a single red light outside. After he checked my big boy ID, we entered one of the craziest places I have ever been. The ENTIRE bar was decked out in pirate swag. There was water shooting everywhere, pirate nets and ship memorabilia, and hipsters, everywhere. It was awesome.


I also had a mojito and didn’t want to kill myself.

On Sunday we found an epic church called CityChurchSF, TRENDY I know. It’s in the Russian Community Center, there’s really interesting architecture…and more importantly a huge, and out-of-place disco ball in the middle of the room. The pastor is hilarious and the church is miles better than the two past, not-to-be named, completely terrifying churches Hannah and I visited in the previous weeks. Church shopping is hard, it’s like buying a house, HOUSES OF GAWD. I think we found our new home!

Also on Sunday, I hosted an epic 4 hour picnic at Alamo Square! It was great to get everyone together and be totally Full House. It seemed like everyone in SF also had a blanket on the square, the place was PACKED. But I love it that way. There were also awesome dogs that came up to play with us and really adorable kids going APE for picnics. It was a really solid time with new friends. Pictures on Facebook.


Then I ate an entire large pizza by myself and a giant cookie sandwich at The Ice Cream Bar. I want to be hired there. Everyone is upbeat and wears a bow tie. Get at me.


^ Laughing because the tour guide said “wiener” like 400 times.

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