Getting Wild on Week 1 & 2 [SF Blog]

My Cleveland to San Francisco travel disaster:

I’m supposed to take off Saturday at 8:33, yes that’s really specific, but I remember it cause I’m still really pissed off. The morning of my family and I leave for the airport at 6:45, more than enough time to get to the airport. I missed that, heaven forbid, “sacred 45 minute window” to check my bag on the flight BY 5 MINUTES. I swear that’s not even a rule. Alas, I have to come back Sunday for the exact same flight because United sucks. After going through the emotional wreckage of leaving home/school for 4 months I get to do it again the next day. Super duper.

Next day:

I show up, get on the plane, give United the middle finger, and we wait….and wait… and wait. Turns out the plane is shooting gasoline EVERYWHERE. The flight gets “delayed”. Like I want to fly on a plane that was, 2o minutes previous, shooting explosives everywhere. That sounds like a good idea. Oh. They also broke the news to us by screaming over the intercom, “GUYS THERE IS A ROCKETTE ON THE PLANE! SHES GOING TO PERFORM FOR US! …by the way the flight is cancelled.” She didn’t even perform, what a farce.

After scrambling together 2 connecting flights I finally arrive in SF and take the BART to our one-week sketch-city hotel. Turns out someone died on the BART and they had to clean it up for like 2 hours. This is the ride from HELL.

I was supposed to arrive at the hotel at 12:30 PM, I got there at 10:00 PM. It was wild.

Bus tour
Bus tour

Week 1:

Brian and I’s beds are almost touching in the hotel room, it’s that small. We ponder the idea of creating a “super bed”, the motion was vetoed.

I start working at PeopleConnect on Monday, my boss is in Mexico for the week. It was so weird getting used to the way things work and getting into a high-security building without him.

…Good thing Olivia Diamond was there. Apparently Diamond is Polish, I think it’s Hollywood.

Olivia was Max’s previous intern, she had a week to “train me” before she starts working at the Kereitsu Forum, the world’s largest forum of angel investors, pretty slick stuff.

She thought me everything fairly quickly and I spent the rest of the week “creating value” for myself and attending rad VIP events. We also became good friends. Fist pumps for friends! The coolest parts about week 1 were all of the awesome events we got to go to. We got to visit NestGSV and Pillsbury (not doughboy). NestGSV was rad, they have slides, fountains, and are an amazing incubator for fresh start ups. Not as cool as the incubator (Runway) that I work in, obviously. I get to recruit start ups to pitch at PeopleConnect’s PitchForce event. It’s pretty much Shark Tank, which is awesome. Going to NestGSV is like being a recruiter at career fair, everyone wants to impress you. I am so not used to that, I felt like an fried egg on a sidewalk. Hot and dirty. Just Kidding.

I also got to meet two supermodel-ish interns that, little did I know, I would be spending tons of time with. Tom is from South Africa, he’s seems all business but has a sense of humor if you push his buttons. Which is pretty much the easiest thing to do in the world. He also calls the trunk of the car “the boot” (lolz) and asked me today where the “cloak room is” (like we have one of those…). He’s leaving next week to go back to Africa, getting to know him was awesome, I wish he was sticking around. Eva is from Hungary, I think she’s taller than me and super beautiful. We also have no idea how old she is. She loves talking about “her country” and Olivia & I love listening to it.

I got to be a bouncer for the first time in my life as I helped Brian (from Runway) set up for his brother’s Start ups + Jazz event. It was an awesome time and we decked the place out. I also met some more awesome foreign people. Seems like a theme. Everyone in SF is ultra-curious and helpful. I could totally get used to this.

Start ups + Jazz
Start ups + Jazz

Brian, Derek, and I also went to Japantown. It was great getting to use some of my Japanese skills from school. If you check out my Facebook page there is a video of us playing Taikio Drum Master. I lost.


Week 2:

Week two started off with a BANG.

Tom & I got to go to a Pitme (Peace in the Middle East) dinner. Pitme is an accelerator for Middle Eastern start ups, there were dozens of brilliant people in the room. We met a guy named Mo who took us under his wing and introduced us to everyone in the room. We are pretty much best friends now, not really but he’s a baller. I also got to eat Persian food for the first time, it was delicious.

It was my 21st birthday on Tuesday! Broods released their EP that day as a personal Bday present to me! Just Kidding. But I am SO EXCITED to see them in concert at the end of the month. My boss came in with a balloon and a card with a MONKEY ON IT. #Win. There was also a surprise Popsicle party. It wasn’t for me but we can pretend. Hannah also made cupcakes for me during class, they were delicious. Pete, Clay, Eddy & I went out for burgers after class where I consumed my FIRST ALCOHOLIC BEVERAG EVER. It tasted like piss. Apparently I need to order something fruity next time.

Birthday Card from Hannah
Birthday Card from Hannah

On Wednesday I got to go to the Microsoft HQ and volunteer at 500 Start ups, which is apparently a big deal, but I did not know that at the time. I volunteered with Ben and Christine. Ben is from New Zealand and was genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met and had a sick accent. Christine is a freelance graphic design artist and thought everything I said was funny, which always helps.

Microsoft fun land
Microsoft fun land

Olivia & Tom drove me back home so I didn’t have to take the Caltrain (AKA school bus for old people) for like 6 hours to get back to SF, that was nice of them. We played a brain teaser in the car, they both got pissed and gave up after 2 minutes. #TotalMidwesternMove. We laughed pretty much the whole way home, because we have the rest of our lives to be dull and boring.

That’s it for this week, I’ll see you again next week for more “exciting” adventures. Because I have to do this. OMG this sucks.



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